About Us

ISK METAL KIMYA , is a company which is set up as a result of a great experience of Mr. Ihsan Kucukay (Senior Chemical Engineer) to do production in the field of waste recycling including metallic contents and converting these wastes to final products with his 40 years of experience. Without excluding our stable quality policy and honesty principles, we produce our products with a new vision of renovation.

Our brandnew factory located in Turkey has 3000 m2 closed area and 10.000 m2 total land for the production of our products.

Ihsan Küçükay

Mr. Ihsan Kucukay who graduated from university in Ankara as a Chemical Engineer, he started his career as a laboratory personal in the company called CINKUR A.S. which was the only Zinc production factory in Turkey working in the field of production from zinc concentrates and which was under control of Government. He was promoted to the position of “chief of production” because of his works and projects in the factory. In the following years, after the privatization of the company, when he was promoted to Production Manager of the factory because of his successful works he worked in the positions of Investment Manager and Co-CEO of the company. He became a well-known name with the knowledge of his works and his first-time applied projects about zinc production, he participated several conferences in several countries such as Canada, Irani Thailand etc. 

After leaving from CINKUR A.S, Mr. Ihsan Kucukay who has leading works and projects about Hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy processes and who has a good experiences on Factory Set Ups, started to work on recycling projects of the metal containing wastes and set up a new factory in CORUM, TURKEY as an investor and shareholder. In this factory, he designed the whole production line projects on his own and set up the first Zinc Sulphate production factory. By the way, this company set up the high end laboratory, which is unique in Turkey acredited by TSE, to make analysis of soil samples coming from all around the country.

After started the production of Zinc Oxide from waste materials, he was succesfully managed to produce Zinc Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate and Copper Sulphate. In this time period, with the university of HITIT in Corum, he participated several conferences and he gave some seminers to the participants. Also he became the president of association of Business Men and Industrialists of Corum,Turkey.

In time, he set up a new factory about Aluminium Recycling in Cerkezkoy/Turkey and started a neww process of recycling the SALTS os Sodium and Potassium in the hazardous wastes.

Mr. Ihsan Kucukay served so many companies in Turkey for waste recycling processes as a consultant and also he keeps informing the valuable producers about metal recycling processes.

With a great knowledge of his works, Mr. Ihsan Kucukay finally set up his own factory ISK METAL KIMYA SAN TIC AS without any partnership and as being the only shareholder.

We ISK METAL KIMYA SAN TIC AS, the company working in the field of recycling copper, Magnesium,Zinc wastes and re-using of these wastes in the production line of Agriculture, Fertilizer, Mining and Ceramic industries, declare our vision to set a company strategy by accepting the production of the highest quality products and by keeping the supply chain in great harmony we also declare our acceptance of;

  • Focusing on the Customer Satisfaction in our all activities,
  • Mixing our purposes and targets with the high quality production and improving our abilities continuously, 
  • All the rules, laws and regulations of the domestic and international countries,
  • Creating a value to be able to better use of the world resources and create an area for a better and healthy life for people by using the latest technologies and enviroment friendly processes,
  • Working to be an exemplary enterprise of our sector with the sustainable management model we have created by evaluating quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and energy issues together

  • Providing the resources necessary for our activities without harming the environment, and to work with a 100% recycling model

And we declare these subjects as our Quality Policies. 

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