Who We Are

İhsan KüçükayISK Metal Kimya company has been founded by Mr. IHSAN KUCUKAY who is the chairman of the company . ISK Metal Kimya is a factory which is in an organized industry area with 8500 m2 area in Bandırma/BALIKESIR/TURKEY. The company started working in the field of recycling the hazardous or non-hazardous wastes containing COPPER and ZINC inside ( Brass dross, Brass Skimmings, Copper Dross, Copper Skimmings, EAF Furnace Chimney Dust, EAF Dust, Galvanizing Ashes, etc. ) and we supply Blister Copper, Refined Copper,Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate, Copper Suplphate Pentahydrate.

Mr. Ihsan Kucukay; after graduating from University in ANKARA/TURKEY, started his business life as a laborant in the company called ÇİNKUR A.Ş which is the biggest and only zinc metal producing factory from zinc ore and which is in the control of Turkish Government. In the first step he was promoted as production chief engineer in accordance with his scientific researches. After the purchase of ÇİNKUR AS by Iranian investors, Mr. Ihsan Kucukay started working as a Production Manager for a while. During the time he was promoted to Investment Manager and later that he was promoted as a co-ceo in the company. He participated in several meeting all over the world as a lecturer to discuss all his scientific projects which were tried for the first time in the world and as a result he became a well known name in the world about zinc production.

By the other way, after leaving Cinkur A.S, our chairman Mr. Ihsan Kucukay who also became an important businessman about hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy works, started to make researches about non-ferrous metal recyclings and he set up a new company in Turkey with an investor group as a business partner by making all the projects by himself and they set up the most modern company using asidic contents to produce zinc sulphate. After the success of recycling the wastes to produce zinc oxide, he was successfull about producing Ferrous Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate. In this period he participated several conferences as a lecturer in Hitit University and also he became a president of association in Corum/Turkey called industrialists and businessmen association.

During the time, he became an investor of Aluminium Recycling Company in Istanbul/Turkey and he set up a new production line about recycling KCl and NaCl salts which were consumed during the aluminium dross recycling process.

After working for several years he decided to seperate their ways with his business partners and with all the experiences he got during his engineering life he started to run a business as a consultant all over the world for several companies about recycling.

In 2018 he set up ISK METAL KIMYA as his own company and started the production with the latest technology and the knowledge he experienced for many years.